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Published: 14th February 2011
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If you want an aquarium which is easy to setup and simple to maintain then the BiOrb or BiUbe range of strong plexiglas acrylic aquaria are worth considering.

Everything you need arrives in the box. They come with everything that you need to quickly and easily put together a fully functional home or office aquarium. That is everything except for the fish but it does include full instructions and even some fish food.

A unique feature througout the BiOrb range is the built-in 5 stage filter with its central airlift and replaceable filter cartridge. Biological filtration on a large scale occurs in porous ceramic beads which serve as the substrate and which house vast numbers of the good bacteria which 'cycle' the aquarium.

They have some very advanced lighting called 'Intelligent LED Lighting', available as standard for most BiOrbs and available as an optional extra for others. This light source replicates sunrise and sunset and after sunset it automatically fades into a monlight blue.

A silk plant ring is available which is intended to surround the central filter tube.

A large range of accessories are available including colour swaps to change the lid and base colours, tank stands, a heater pack to convert to tropicals, digital thermometer, silk plants, a three function timer which reminds you to feed the fish, tells you when to change the water and warns you when to change the filter cartridge and there is even a marine pack.

The Classic Biorb is globe shaped and the range goes from the 'Baby BiOrb' which has a capacity of 15 litres through a 30 litre and 60 litre to the newest arrival which has a massive 105 litre capacity.

The BiUbe range is not cube shaped as you might think but very elegant cylinders. There are two types of BiUbe, one has a coloured top and base while the other, called the 'BiUbe Pure', is completely clear, both hold about 9 galls of water.

The final set in the Biorb range is the square or rectangular 'BiOrb Life' series, they have a clear front and back and coloured opaque wrap around top, bottom and sides. Capacities are 30, 45 and 60 litres, the smallest is square and the larger two are a rectangular 'Portrait' style shape.

Before the BiOrb 105 came on the scene the main criticism, apart from price, was that they are all relatively small tanks and therefore unable to sustain many fish of any size. With the coming of the BiOrb 105 this criticism has been answered because 28 galls is a good size for a home or office aquarium.

John Thomson is an aquarium expert. For more information on the Biorb aquarium visit

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