Thinking Of Buying A Biorb Aquarium - Read This First

Published: 14th February 2011
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If you don't have the time to gather together all of the equipment that you need to setup a standard home or office aquarium or if you are a beginner aquarist and you need aquarium setup to be straightforward or perhaps you don't want to spend hours every month maintaining your aquarium then the BiOrb aquarium range is ideal for you.

Maintenance is minimised because of the unique 5-stage built in filter system which keeps the water perfectly clear and makes the tank look fantastic. Ammonia and nitrite levels are kept down by the use of a special porous ceramic substrate which holds an enormous number of good bacteria instrumental in performing biological filtration. Change the cartridge at the required intervals and some of the water twice a month and that's it as far as maintenance is concerned.

Compared with standard glass tanks the BiOrb aquaria are all relatively small size. The biggest mistake that you can make with a BiOrb tank is to fill it with far too many fish, much more than the filter and aeration system can handle. In a baby BiOrb even one goldfish is too many and of course they don't get any smaller. Certain fish species, however large they are would not be happy in these tanks, they may need dense vegetation or lots of open water for fast swimmimng.

To summarise, the advantages of these tanks are:

  • Good design and excellent lighting effects consistent through the whole BiOrb range

  • They have a small footprint

  • Everything you need is in the box including full instructions

  • The plexiglas acrylic that BiOrb aquariums are constructed from is ten times stronger than glass

  • The filter cartridge is easy to clean and change

  • The 5 stage filtration system keeps the fish healthy and reduces maintenance

and some disadvantages:

  • BiOrb quality and design does not come cheap

  • Fish choice and numbers are limited due to their small size

  • The globe shaped tanks have a small top opening which can make cleaning of the inside wall a bit tricky

In Conclusion

Taking everything into account there is no doubt that these aquariums look great, particularly with the special lighting effects provided by the intelligent LED lighting. Provided you take care not to overstock they certainly provide easy access to the wonderful world of owning a home or office aquarium.


John Thomson is an aquarium expert. For more information on the Biorb aquarium visit

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